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Location & Facilities

IEEE CEC 2009 will be held in Trondheim Norway, 18th-21st May 2009 following the Norwegian National Day on the 17th May. These dates will allow delegates, who arrive a day early, to witness the festive atmosphere in Trondheim where the streets are packed with people in their national costumes following the various parades. The evening of the 16th May is also the party night in the city. Further, the delegates will witness the approaching 24 hour daylight with about 20 hours of sunlight at that time. Also if they wish they can travel a few hours further north to see the midnight sun.


Trondheim Photo

The charming Norwegian city, Trondheim has 160,000 residents but a further 25,000 students. Trondheim is thus a centre for Norwegian education and student activity. Trondheim is rich in history, being a central place for the Viking kings of the middle ages and later for trade and then modern technological developments. Trondheim is a lively city, with the city center compactly located on a river formed peninsula with a number of bridges connecting neighbouring areas. The entire city centre may be crossed within a 15 minute walk. Trondheim is located along a fjord, with plenty of wood covered hills setting the background.

This movie shows the sites of Trondheim.

Getting there

Trondheim airport is served by direct flights to connection hubs in Europe such as Amsterdam and Copenhagen, as well as to a number of other European cities. Very cheap flights are available from certain European cities e.g. London Stansted, through Norwegian. Further, indirect flights via Oslo may, in certain cases, be cheaper. Delegates may either take a cheap airfare with Norwegian, take the train (NSB) to see some of the inland beauty or take the train to Bergen and boat (Hurtigruten) up the coast to see some of the coastal beauty that Norway has to offer. The magnificent coastal views of fjords and mountains are world renowned.

Directions from the Airport

As you leave the airport, airport express buses are parked just outside that take you to Trondheim city centre in approximately 45 minutes (40 km). Confirm that the sign on the front of the bus says "Trondheim" or ask the driver. The ticket is NOK 90 one way, or NOK 150 round trip. You can buy the ticket on the bus by cash or credit card. The bus makes stops close to most hotels in downtown Trondheim. Let the driver know which hotel you are going to. The taxi fare from the airport to the city centre is approx. NOK 500.

Conference Venue

Conference Venue

The main conference venue is the Nova Conference Centre and Cinema (Nova). The centre provides amphitheatre style rooms with cinema quality sound systems and screens.

All participants will have full access to wireless Internet throughout the conference building. It is worth noting also that delegates can access the Internet anywhere in central Trondheim, although the conference centre has its own wireless system.

Olavs Pub

A two course plated lunch is served every day (apart from the tutorial day) and coffee etc will be available all day. On the tutorial day, a simpler lunch of open sandwiches will be offered. On the first floor of the centre, the Olavs Pub provides a very convenient informal dining and meeting area.

Further information on the conference venue can be found at the Nova hotel website.


Please see the Accommodation page for information on hotels

NTNU's Schooling & Child Care

Are you a delegate (male or female) whose conference travel is limited due to kids at home? Please see the Schooling and Child Care Facilities page.



Below is a three day weather forecast for Trondheim, supplied by Further details can be found here.